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Math Placement Exams & Requirements

The links below have important information on the Cal Poly Math Placement Exams (MAPE), Mathematics course prerequisites, and how to select your first mathematics course at Cal Poly. Please print these information sheets for future reference.

MAPE Information

The Mathematics Placement Exams (MAPE) are diagnostic exams used by Cal Poly for students who have satisfied the ELM requirement. Not all students need to take the MAPE. Visit the MAPE web page for information about the Precalculus MAPE and the Intermediate Algebra MAPE tests.
Sample MAPE Questions (pdf)

Mathematics Course Prerequisites

Mathematics course prerequisites for baccalaureate-level courses.

Selecting Your First Math Course

Visit this page to find out about math courses required for your major, and the prerequisites you must have to enroll in these courses.

MAPE Contact Information

Clint Hahlbeck, MAPE Coordinator

Office Phone: (805) 756-2268
Fax: (805) 756-6537
Location: 25-207

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