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In order to earn a degree, every student must complete at least one course in General Education area B4 (Math and Quantitative Reasoning)–some majors require multiple GEB4 courses. All GEB4 classes have eligibility requirements that students must meet in order to enroll in the course. We determine readiness via multiple measures, including high school GPA, test score information, etc. The placement process reduces frustrations and academic difficulties by directing students to the appropriate first course. For more specific information about this process, please use the links below.  


Math Placement for new Fall Admits. Step by step instructions for new Fall Admits on how to get started. 

How does Math Placement Work? A detailed description of the criteria we use to determine eligibility.

How to take the virtual MAPE (New Fall Admits). Step by step instructions for new Fall Admits on how to take the MAPE. 

How to take the In-Person MAPE. Instructions for taking the MAPE on campus.

Math Course Prerequisites. A description of the prerequisites for our entry level course. 

Early Start Math  An online guided review of the skills necessary for success in Precalculus and Calculus at Cal Poly. 


Math Placement Contact Information

Clint Hahlbeck, MAPE Coordinator

Office Phone: (805) 756-2268
Fax: (805) 756-6537
Location: 25-208


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