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The mathematics major at Cal Poly will provide you with a rich and rigorous mathematics education. The low student/faculty ratio affords you the opportunity to really get to know your professors, and to work closely with them in classes and on projects. Interested students may also take part in national competitions. Each year, teams from Cal Poly compete in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition and in the International Mathematics Modeling Competition. Great faculty coaches and good preparation pay off--our teams always place among the best in the nation.

Students with degrees in mathematics from Cal Poly are well prepared for a wide variety of career opportunities. Math graduates typically pursue careers in the teaching of mathematics at the secondary level, gain entrance into top-notch doctoral programs, or take lucrative positions in business and industry. Our graduates are actively recruited by many companies and have taken entry level jobs as systems engineers, operations research assistants, computer programmers, software engineers, and as financial and data analysts.

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