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Our Bachelor of Science degree program will provide you with a rich and rigorous education in mathematics while preparing you for a wide range of career opportunities. To help focus your studies, we offer additionally, three concentrations: one in applied mathematics, one in mathematics education, and one in pure mathematics. Recent graduates have been accepted into doctoral programs at respected research universities while others have taken lucrative positions in industry or pursued careers in secondary teaching.

For those interested in more advanced mathematical training, a Master of Science degree program is available, which can be earned within two years of completing a Bachelor’s degree or through the blended 4+1 program that leads to both a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in five years. Students may apply to the traditional Master’s Program, or the Specialization in Applied Mathematics in which the Master’s curriculum has been enhanced to provide an emphasis on learning the skills that prepare students for a career in industry or further studies in academia. Students admitted to the Master’s program may also apply for employment as a teaching associate. Graduates of the Master of Science degree program are fully qualified to teach at the community college level.

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