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The following is a partial list of awards and scholarships available to students in science and mathematics. The dollar amounts listed for each scholarship are representative, but they can vary from year to year. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more detailed information.

How to Apply

If you want to be considered for scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, please go to your Cal Poly Portal, click on the Cal Poly Scholarship app, and follow the instructions. Please complete this application by Friday, April 7, 2023 for full consideration for scholarships whether or not you have financial need. For consideration of scholarships that require financial need, students must have filled an appropriate year FAFSA ( Graduating students do not need to fill out the application to be eligible for awards.

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Advancement of Science and Technology Scholarship - 6/2/16

About the Donors:

The donors for the Scholarship for the Advancement of Science and Technology are Mrs. Catherine (Katie) Dellamaggiore and Mr. Nicholas (Nick) Dellamaggiore. Katie is a 2001 College of Science and Mathematics (Major: Statistics) alumna; and Nick is a 2002 College of Engineering (Major: Computer Science) and 2002 College of Science and Mathematics (Major: Mathematics) alumnus.

Eligibility requirements for this scholarship are as follows:

Math/Statistics/Computer Science major; sophomore, junior, senior; minimum 3.0 GPA

Robert P. Balles Mathematics Scholarship - TBD

Robert P. Balles is a retired community college mathematics professor, retired businessman, and investor. His mission is to recognize and reward the most outstanding math majors entering their senior year at Cal Poly. The Robert P. Balles Mathematics Scholarship was established in 2005. The students selected will have achieved the highest cumulative GPA in mathematics coursework at the 200 level or above for their first three years of study.

Volmar A. and Viola I. Folsom Scholarship - Variable

The Volmar and Viola Folsom Scholarship Endowment Fund was inaugurated in January 1987 to provide scholarship financial assistance to qualified undergraduate mathematics students (minimum 2.5 GPA). A varying number of students can qualify. The scholarship is renewable depending upon satisfactory academic progress toward graduation and reapplication.

Ed Glassco Scholarship Endowment - TBD

This Scholarship was established in memory of Ed Glassco, who was a member of the Cal Poly Mathematics faculty from 1968-2001. The scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics with a recommended 3.0 GPA with preference to students who are the first in their family to attend college.

Charles J. Hanks Mathematics - TBD

This scholarship is awarded to students majoring in Mathematics with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Carol and Boyd Judd - Variable

This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics with a minimum 3.0 GPA, and demonstrates financial need.

Katrina J. Killgore Memorial Scholarship - TBD

The Katrina J. Killgore Memorial Scholarship is an endowment scholarship for Cal Poly mathematics majors set up by Mr. Roy Killgore, father of Katrina, a junior math major who died in 1987. It is the purpose of this scholarship to encourage and reward those who achieve a measure of success in overall scholastic improvement. Applications (pdf) are due November 17, 2023.

Marie Porter Lehman Math Educator Scholarship - TBD

The Marie Porter Lehman Mathematics Educator Scholarship is to be awarded to a student in a teaching credential program or masters degree program who is headed for a career as a mathematics teacher. The scholarship endowment was created by the family of Marie Porter Lehman who was a school teacher in this area with a special interest in mathematics and in teaching gifted students.
Requirements for this scholarship include: A minimum 3.0 GPA in elementary mathematics curriculum or single subject credential mathematics work

Class level: last year of an elementary or secondary teaching credential, or enrollment in the Master's Program in Education with an emphasis on mathematics instruction, or Master of Science program in mathematics with the intention of teaching mathematics at the college level.

George H. McMeen Scholarship - TBD

This scholarship is awarded to a math major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Ralph M. Warten Memorial Scholarship - Variable

The Ralph M. Warten Memorial Scholarship was established in April 1988 by Grace Warten, following the death of her husband Dr. Ralph Warten, for the purpose of providing financial aid to qualified students whose majors are in the College of Science and Mathematics at Cal Poly. The number of scholarships is variable and is based on evidence of need or demonstrated worthiness, and scholastic achievement.

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Accenture Outstanding Junior Math Award - TBD

Established by Accenture, this award acknowledges excellence displayed by a junior level math major. The awardee should demonstrate both superior leadership skills and the ability to work effectively with peers and faculty. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

Charles J. Hanks Excellence in Math Award - TBD

This award goes to a math student who demonstrates excellence and outstanding ability.

W. Boyd Judd Award - TBD

The Judd Award for University Scholarship is given annually by Mrs. W. Boyd Judd and her daughter Anita Judd to the outstanding KME member on the basis of scholarship, service and financial need.

KME Founders Award - TBD

The Kappa Mu Epsilon Founders Award was established in 1985 as an outgrowth of a request made by Professor Chester Scott's wife after he died in March of that year. The award is presented annually to a member of KME who best exhibits the spirit, enthusiasm and dedication of the founders of the Chapter. For more information on KME, please see the entry under Mathematics Department Clubs and Events, or contact Dr. Jonathan Shapiro, KME Advisor.

TC Reece Mathematics Award - TBD

This award was established by Terry and Cami Reece and is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in Mathematics, who has contributed to the mathematical and cultural life of the Mathematics Department and the University.

Bryant Russell Memorial Award - TBD

This award goes to an outstanding math student.

Ralph E. Weston Memorial Award - Variable

This award is given for outstanding achievement in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition by a Cal Poly student. The Weston awards go to the Cal Poly student who attains the highest score among Cal Poly participants and to the contestant with the second highest ranking. The source of this money is an endowment given to the university by Ralph Weston, Jr. in memory of his father, a longtime Cal Poly professor. Please contact Dr. Jonathan Shapiro for more information on the Putnam competition.

Department Awards

In addition to the above awards and scholarships, each year the Mathematics Department's Student Awards and Scholarships Committee chooses an outstanding senior, selected on the basis of participation in clubs or societies, contribution to the image of the department, and scholastic achievement. The department also chooses an outstanding mathematics educator-either a graduating senior or a student completing the single subject credential program in mathematics.

To access the Math Awards for 2023:

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Contact Information

For information relating to the Mathematics Department and its awards, please contact Dr. Rob Easton at or Dr. Dylan Retsek at 

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