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Mathematics Minor

The mathematics minor is a wonderful complement to many majors at Cal Poly! The minor is often only a few extra courses for math heavy majors.

Minor requirements

Carefully read the Cal Poly catalog for the courses that can be used to complete the minor.

There are many courses to choose from when selecting the upper division classes. However, watch out for two gotchas:

  1. Upper division courses have prerequisites!

    The suggested order of mathematics courses lists prerequisites. This information is also found in catalog by clicking on the course number.

  2. Upper division courses are only offered once or twice a year!

    The planned course offerings should be used when planning for courses.

Which courses are best?

The informal course descriptions can give you an idea of what to expect from our upper division mathematics courses.

You are free to select courses which appeal to you! For those who want suggestions on which courses could pair well with their major, consider these courses:

Major/Interest Courses to consider
Business 306, 406, 437
Chemistry 304, 344, 416, 418, 481
Computer Science/Software 335, 336, 341, 437, 481
Economics 306, 412, 437
Electrical Engineering 304, 306, 344, 408, 409
Engineering (AERO, ARCH, BMED, CE, ME) 304, 344, 418, 416
Liberal Studies/Teaching 336, 341, 442, 443, 481
Majors that use simulations 416, 418, 451, 452, 453
Physics 304, 344, 408, 416, 418
Political Science 306, 335, 344, 437
Statistics 306, 336, 412, 437, 451

How to apply

After selecting your courses, fill out the Mathematics Minor Application. When filling out the form:

  1. On the first web page, use your Cal Poly email and enter "Apply for Mathematics Minor" in the "Intending" field.
  2. After submitting, check your Cal Poly email for a link to the official form.
  3. Only fill out the top lines of the official form (that are highlighted). Most likely you do not need to worry about substitutions.

After signing the official application, wait for an email from the mathematics minor coordinator.

Contact information

Any questions about the minor should be sent to the mathematics minor coordinator, Dr. Tony Mendes at

Current Mathematics Minor Advisor

Dr. Anthony Mendes

Office: 25-202
Phone: 805-756-1699

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