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Course Outlines

95-192 | 202-258 | 300-371 | 400-495 | 500-599

Course Outlines 100-192

Math 95 Corequisite with Math 115 Pre-Calculus Algebra I (Stretch) (pdf) Math 142 Calculus II (pdf)
Math 112 Nature of Modern Mathematics (pdf) Math 143 Calculus III (pdf)
Math 115 Pre-Calculus Algebra 1 (Stretch) (pdf) Math 151 Calculus Workshop I
Math 116 Pre-Calculus Algebra I (pdf) Math 152 Calculus Workshop II
Math 117 Pre-Calculus Algebra II (pdf) Math 153 Calculus Workshop III
Math 118 Pre-Calculus Algebra (pdf) Math 161 Calculus for the Life Sciences I (pdf)
Math 119 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry (pdf) Math 162 Calculus for the Life Sciences II (pdf)
Math 126 Pre-Calculus Algebra Workshop I Math 171 Calculus for the Life Sciences Workshop I
Math 127 Pre-Calculus Algebra Workshop II Math 172 Calculus for the Life Sciences Workshop II
Math 128 Pre-Calculus Algebra Workshop Math 182 Calculus for Architecture and Construction Management (pdf)
Math 129 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry Workshop Math 192 Calculus for Architecture and Construction Management Workshop
Math 141 Calculus I (pdf)  

Course Outlines 202-258

Math 202 Orientation to the Mathematics Major (pdf) Math 241 Calculus IV (pdf)
Math 206 Linear Algebra I (pdf) Math 242 Differential Equations (pdf)
Math 221 Calculus for Business and Economics (pdf) Math 244 Linear Analysis I (pdf)
Math 227 Mathematics for Elementary Teaching I (pdf) Math 248 Methods of Proof on Mathematics (pdf)
Math 231 Calculus for Business and Economics Workshop Math 258 Methods of Proof in Mathematics Workshop

Course Outlines 300-371

Math 300 Technology in Mathematics Education (pdf) Math 334 Combinatorial Mathematics (pdf)
Math 304 Vector Analysis (pdf) Math 341 Theory of Numbers (pdf)
Math 306 Linear Algebra II (pdf) Math 344 Linear Analysis II (pdf)
Math 316 Introduction to Linear Algebra Workshop II Math 350 Mathematical Software (pdf)
Math 328 Mathematics for Elementary Teaching II (pdf) Math 351 Typesetting with LaTeX (pdf)
Math 329 Mathematics for Elementary Teaching III (pdf) Math 370 Putnam Exam Seminar (pdf)
Math 330 Algebraic Thinking with Technology (pdf) Math 371 Math Modeling Seminar (pdf)
Math 335 Graph Theory (pdf)  

Course Outlines 400-495

Math 400 Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates (pdf) Math 440 Topology I (pdf)
Math 404 Introduction to Differential Geometry (pdf) Math 441 Topology II (pdf)
Math 406 Linear Algebra III (pdf) Math 442 Euclidean Geometry (pdf)
Math 410 Complex Analysis 1 (pdf) Math 443 Modern Geometries (pdf)
Math 411 Complex Analysis II (pdf) Math 451 Numerical Analysis I (pdf)
Math 412 Introduction to Analysis I (pdf) Math 452 Numerical Analysis II (pdf)
Math 413 Introduction to Analysis II (pdf) Math 453 Numerical Optimization (pdf)
Math 414 Introduction to Analysis III (pdf) Math 459 Senior Seminar (pdf)
Math 416 Differential Equations II (pdf) Math 460 Applied Mathematics Senior Seminar (pdf)
Math 418 Partial Differential Equations (pdf) Math 461 Senior Project I (pdf)
Math 419 Introduction to the History of Mathematics (pdf) Math 462 Senior Project II (pdf)
Math 422 Introduction to Analysis I Workshop Math 470 Selected Advanced Topics (pdf)
Math 423 Advanced Mathematics for Teaching (pdf) Math 481 Abstract Algebra I (pdf)
Math 424 Organizing and Teaching Mathematics (pdf) Math 482 Abstract Algebra II (pdf)
Math 425 Mathematics Student Teaching Seminar (pdf) Math 483 Abstract Algebra III (pdf)
Math 435 Discrete Mathematics with Applications I (pdf) Math 485 Cooperative Education Experience (pdf)
Math 436 Discrete Mathematics with Applications II (pdf) Math 491 Abstract Algebra I Workshop
Math 437 Game Theory (pdf) Math 495 Cooperative Education Experience (pdf)

Course Outlines 500-599

Math 500 Individual Study (pdf) Math 540 Topology I (pdf)
Math 501 Methods of Applied Mathematics I (pdf) Math 541 Topology II (pdf)
Math 502 Methods of Applied Mathematics II (pdf) Math 550 Real Analysis (pdf)
Math 504 Mathematical Topics for Teachers (pdf) Math 560 Field Theory (pdf)
Math 505 Graduate Teaching Seminar (pdf) Math 561 Graduate Algebra (pdf)
Math 520 Applied Analysis I (pdf) Math 570 Selected Advanced Topics (pdf)
Math 521 Applied Analysis II (pdf) Math 580 Seminar (pdf)
Math 530 Discrete Mathematics with Applications I (pdf) Math 599 Thesis (pdf)
Math 531 Discrete Mathematics with Applications II (pdf)  

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