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Summer Research Program

Summer 2018 Undergraduate Student Research

Please note: Only continuing mathematics majors  (including 4+1 students) from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are eligible for this research program. Students from other Cal Poly colleges are not eligible. Students from other universities are not eligible for Cal Poly's program, but may be eligible for a National Science Foundation REU. If you are a continuing Cal Poly Math graduate student and you are interested in this program, you are not eligible for this program but other (limited) funds may be available. You should apply but clearly state that you are a graduate student.

The Cal Poly Mathematics Department Undergraduate Student Research program allows students and faculty members to work together on interesting mathematics research problems. Students should expect to work at least 30 hours per week for eight weeks and they must be able to work on campus during those weeks. The work weeks will depend on faculty and student schedules. The projects may also require work during the following academic year in order to prepare for conferences or publication. Students are expected to present a poster at the College of Science and Mathematics Research Conference in May 2019. Each student participant will receive $2500 subject to successful completion of the program.

To be selected for a summer research project, students should have excellent grades (A's and B's in mathematics courses, including upper division work) and interest in learning difficult mathematics that goes beyond the scope of undergraduate coursework. You will work closely on a mathematics research project with a faculty advisor for approximately eight weeks. Each faculty project leader usually works with two to three students. The projects are chosen by faculty members because they are current open research questions that are also accessible to undergraduate and beginning graduate students. The advisors are listed below along with links to descriptions of their projects.

To apply for the 2018 research program, print this application, complete it and return it to Dr. Danielle Champney. When filling out the application, feel free to contact the advisors directly if you have questions about the projects.The deadline is Friday, March 23, 2018.

The advisors this year that are accepting new applicants are:  (1) Dr. Vince Bonini (2) Dr. Eric Brussel (3) Dr. Dave Camp (4) Dr. Danielle Champney (5) Dr. Todd Grundmeier (6) Dr. Caixing Gu (7) Dr. Linda Patton (8) Dr. Dylan Retsek (9) Dr. Tony Samuel and Dr. Sean Watson (10) Dr. Mark Stankus. Other projects may be available. Feel free to apply and list other areas of interest in addition to those in the projects listed above. However, currently your best chance for participation is with one of these projects.

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