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How to Take the Virtual MAPE (new Fall Admits)

Students admitted for Fall 2023 can take the Math Placement Exam (the MAPE) online via the proctoring service ProctorU until August 31st free of charge. Follow the instructions below if the To-Do list on your portal indicates you can benefit from taking the MAPE, and you wish to do so. Keep in mind that the last day to test online is August 31, 2023, and exams must be scheduled 72 hours in advance of the desired testing time.


To schedule up your exam:

  1. Create an account at ProctorU. You will choose a username and password and will also need to provide your contact information.
  2. Log on to schedule an appointment to test. This must be done at least 72 hours in advance of when you wish to test
  3. Follow instructions to set up your appointment.
    • For Term select 2023 placements
    • For Exam select the test indicated on your checklist:
      • PC40C86 if the survey indicated a preliminary eligibility for PreCalculus, or
      • IA45C86 if the survey indicated a preliminary eligibility for Math 115
    • After signing up, you should test your equipment and verify that your computer is ready for your testing appointment.

On test day you will need:

  • Internet and a computer with a working webcam
  • Cal Poly username
  • Current Photo ID. Accepted IDs include Government issued ID, Passport or High School ID
  • Three sheets of blank paper and pen/pencil
  • You may not have access to books, notes, calculator or any outside communication device


Test Details

Exams have a 90-minute time limit. Since logging into ProctorU and initializing testing interface can take several minutes, you should set aside two hours for the complete exam process.


Preparing for the Math Placement Exam

The Precalculus MAPE exams cover:

  • Elementary operations with numerical and algebraic fractions
  • Trigonometry (not needed for Math 161 or 221)
  • Operations with exponents and radicals
  • Logarithms and exponential functions
  • Linear equations and inequalities
  • Word problems
  • Functions

The Intermediate Algebra MAPE covers:

  • Elementary operations with numerical and algebraic fractions
  • Quadratic polynomials, equations and inequalities
  • Rational expressions
  • Graphing
  • Exponents and radicals
  • Logarithms and functions
  • Linear equations and inequalities
  • Word problems


Practice problems

UCSD has created modules to help students who need to review for the exam. Those directed to take the MAPE IA45C86 (to demonstrate eligibility for Precalculus) should review module 1 in each topic. Student who are already eligible for Precalculus and directed to take the MAPE PC40C86 (to demonstrate eligibility for Calc I) should review modules 1 and 2. You may also find these sample questions for each exam helpful when preparing.


Your results will be sent to your Cal Poly email address by September 8.


Students will have the opportunity to retake the MAPE in-person after Sept 1. Please check the MAPE website for dates and times.


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