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Mathematics Credential Program

Important subject matter competency note to students seeking admission to the single subject credential program in Mathematics at Cal Poly:

This program is designed to be completed within three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring) provided the student has met subject matter competency by June prior to the start of the program. For students who are meeting subject matter competency through the CSET exams, this means all three math CSET exams must be passed by the April 1 date. There are no exceptions to this requirement. New students are only accepted for Fall quarter each year.

Admission to the Credential Program
Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program
Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA) in Mathematics – information for Liberal Studies majors, multiple subject credential candidates, or non-math majors working towards single subject credential in another field.

Please contact Professor Amelie Schinck-Mikel for more information.

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