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Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program

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The following Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Students who complete this program are not required to pass the Math CSET in order to demonstrate subject matter competency in mathematics. Students who need to pass the Math CSET should visit for test information.

Major Courses

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Mathematics Teaching Concentration Courses

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Completing the Program


You must complete each of Math 423, 459, 461, and 462 with a grade of C or better; all other courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. Your GPA for all courses in the program must be 2.6 or higher.


You must provide letters of recommendation from your senior project advisor as well as your instructors in Math 423 and 459. These individuals must state that you have demonstrated a level of mathematical competency appropriate for secondary school teachers. Recommendation forms are available from the chair of the Mathematics Department Credential Committee.

Exit Interview

Upon completion of the program, you must schedule an interview with the Mathematics Department Credential Committee. The primary function of this interview will be subject matter competency. The committee will consider grades in individual courses in the program, overall GPA in the program, recommendations from instructors in Senior Project, Math 423, and Math 459.

Please contact the Professor Amelie Schinck-Mikel for more information.

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