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Mathematics Undergraduate Program

The Mathematics Department offers a comprehensive undergraduate program of courses leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. The major consists of several core courses taken by all students, as well as a broad selection of advanced coursework which allows for a certain amount of individualization. Students develop their particular study plan in consultation with their faculty advisors.

We offer three specific concentrations within the major. The Applied concentration is designed for students who are most interested in mathematical applications and interdisciplinary work. The Pure concentration comprises a curriculum suited for students looking to obtain advanced degrees in mathematics. The Teaching concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in middle or high school mathematics teaching and the single subject California teaching credential program. Our most flexible path to the major is through the general curriculum for those who choose not to pick a concentration.

In addition, the Mathematics Department offers a program of courses for a minor in mathematics, as well as a program leading to a Master of Science degree.

A Cal Poly mathematics degree is widely recognized as useful in an variety of careers in teaching, business, and industry, as well as providing a strong foundation for graduate study in mathematics. The rich assortment of courses in the department permits students to obtain broad exposure to those fields of mathematics that are most useful in the physical sciences and engineering, as well as those used in business, management, and operations research. We also have a robust Summer Research Program that allows students a glimpse of the frontiers of the discipline which provides a unique and valuable experience.

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For detailed course descriptions of all mathematics courses offered at Cal Poly, please see Mathematics Course Outlines. For questions or more information concerning the mathematics undergraduate program, contact Dr. Tony Mendes. You may also stop by and see him (25-202) or call him (805-756-1699).

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