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Cal Poly math presentation.

Exams and Explorations

From the Putnam exam to research in conics, the readability of proofs and more, Cal Poly math majors increased their mathematical skills, excelled against some tough competition and created new mathematical knowledge doing research.

Ben Richert

Letter from the Chair

New chair Ben Richert introduces himself and reports on student and faculty accomplishments as well as changes to the graduate program.

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Nick and Katie Dellamaggiores with their three kids

An Early Start to Giving Back

Nick (Mathematics and Computer Science, ’02) and Katie (Statistics, ’01) Dellamaggiore started giving back to Cal Poly the year after they graduated. 

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Math faculty and Student sitting sown at a table at a restaurant.

Bringing Math to the World

From increasing inquiry-based learning in higher education to helping lead the math club at a local elementary school, faculty and students are making an impact in the world of mathematics.

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"In Memoriam" with an illustration of a candle

In Memoriam

Bidding adieu to longtime professor Howard Steinberg and instructor Alberto Jiménez, who passed away in 2018.

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