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Is a Left n-inverse of a Matrix T the sum of the Inverse of T and Two Nilpotent Matrices?

Faculty and students dove into a number of research problems over the summer. Can you fix damaged data points using linear algebra? Can the Robinson-Schenstead correspondence solve Wilf's unsolved problem? Find out here. 

New Facility Would Increase Math Collaboration

The Mathematics Department needs space for students and faculty to collaborate. With your help, a new privately-funded building could provide the answer.

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People working at the IBL Workshop

How is Cal Poly Helping to Close the Math Gender Gap?

Find out how $3 million from the National Science Foundation will be used to reduce math anxiety and close the gender achievement gap. Hint: there's some Learn by Doing involved.

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Letter from the Chair

Dr. Borzellino

New facilities, new faculty, a successful program review process — it's been a busy year in the Mathematics Department. Read Joe Borzellino's take on all the news, including 1,800 square feet of math collaboration space in a planned new student-faculty research building.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

We are grateful for the continued support of our generous donors. Financial contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations play a critical role in providing students with a Learn by Doing education. Thank you.

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New Faculty and Staff

Tony Samuel

Tony Samuel, pictured at left, joined the department in the fall. Meet Samuel and new department scheduler Kara Eversman.

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Simple Group Sends Large Cohort to Graduate School

The Simple Group was formed for students to dive more deeply into all manner of mathematical discussions. It ended up producing some of the highest GRE scores the department has seen, with five of its members going on to doctoral programs.

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Student Awards and Scholarships

Heidi KeasThe Mathematics Department and friends gathered to honor outstanding students who won awards and received scholarships. Heidi Keas, pictured at left, was one of many honorees. She received the Charles J. Hanks Mathematics Scholarship.

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Cal Poly Fares Well at Putnam, Modeling Competitions

Mathematicians know how to hold a competition: 4,275 individuals tried their hand at the Putnam Competition and 7,400 international teams from 13 countries took part in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling this year. Find out where Cal Poly placed in the crowded field.

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Faculty Publications, Grants and Awards

Mathematics faculty members are active in their fields. Find out what they've been up to, from fractal conferences to papers on teachers' problem-posing abilities.

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F of m equals root m times the integral of the sum of one and x squared to the power of negative m dx from negative infinity to infinity

What happens to the value of F(m) as m goes to infinity?

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