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Faculty Publications, Grants and Awards


V. Bonini, J.M. Espinar, and J. Qing, “Hypersurfaces in Hyperbolic Space with Horospherical Support Function,” Advances in Mathematics, 280 (2015) 506-548.

T.A. Grundmeier, “Developing the Problem Posing Abilities of Prospective Elementary and Middle School Teachers”. In (Eds.) J. Cai, N. Ellerton, and F.M. Singer, Mathematical Problem Posing: From Research to Effective Practice. Springer. (2015)

C. Gu, “The (m,q)-isometric weighted shifts on lpspaces,” Integral Equations Operator Theory, 82 (2015) 157-187.

C. Gu, “Functional calculus for m-isometries and related operators on Hilbert spaces and Banach spaces,” Acta Sci. Math. (Szged) 81 (2015) 605-641.

C. Gu, “Structures of left n-invertible operators and their applications,” Studia Mathematica, 226 (2015) no. 3, 189-211.

J.F. Hall and T.D. Todorov, “Ordered Fields, the Purge of Infinitesimals from Mathematics and the Rigorousness of Infinitesimal Calculus,” Bulgarian Journal of Physics, 42 (2015) 99-127.

J. Kautzsch, M. Keßeböhmer, and T. Samuel, “On the convergence to equilibrium of unbounded observables under a family of intermittent interval maps,” Ann. Henri Poincaré, 17 (2016) no. 1, 1424-0661.

B. Li, T. Sahlsten and T. Samuel, “Intermediate β-shifts of finite type,” Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst., 36 (2016), no. 1, 323-344.

E. Pearse, S. Kombrink, and S. Winter, “Lattice-type self-similar sets with pluriphase generators fail to be Minkowski measurable,” Mathematische Zeitschrift (2016) to appear.

E. Pearse and P.E.T. Jorgensen, “Symmetric pairs and self-adjoint extensions of operators, with applications to energy networks,” Complex Analysis and Operator Theory (2016) to appear

J. Remmel and A. Mendes, Counting with Symmetric Functions (Developments in Mathematics). Springer. (2015)

T.D. Todorov, “Steady-State Solutions in an Algebra of Generalized Functions: Lightning, Lightning Rods and Superconductivity,” Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics, 45 (2015), no. 1.


Todd Grundmeier received the University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Kate Riley received the Most Supportive Professor award from Cal Poly’s Society of Women Engineers.


Tony Samuel received a grant from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Sachbeihilfe in Germany titled Diffusion on Irregular Sets. He will work with Marc Keßeböhmer and Malte Koch. Along with Erin Pearse and John Rock of Cal Poly Pomona, Samuel also received a grant from the National Science Foundation to host the Summer School on Fractal Geometry and Complex Dimensions.

Stan Yoshinobu received a grant from the National Science Foundation for a five-year project to increase the nation’s capacity for inquiry-based, or active, learning in college mathematics courses. This project will expand faculty workshop offerings by training regional workshop leaders. The goals of the project are to offer 12 week-long workshops, and several short workshops to recruit faculty and departments interested in research-based, active-learning teaching methods. Read more about the inquiry-based learning project.


In summer 2015, students Colin Schaefer and Alex Cheng traveled with Danielle Champney to Austin, Texas, to present at the Legacy of R. L. Moore and Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Conference. The trio presented the talk "Stories of Empowerment: the IBL experience for non-math majors in an upper division math course." The students shared their IBL experiences in both interviews and a student panel.

Todor Todorov presented a talk titled “Large Steady-State Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations in an Algebra of Generalized Functions” at the International Conference on Generalized Functions. Todorov also presented the talk “A Ring of Fermat Reals with Invertible Infinitesimals” at the Workshop on Generalized Functions and Non-Standard Analysis, organized by the University of Vienna.


In fall 2015, Danielle Champney co-taught a course on project-based learning for future teachers with mechanical engineering professor John Chen. The projects focused on wheelchair accessibility. Students designed wheelchairs and built scale models using the engineering equipment and labs. Cal Poly math alumnus and local teacher Ben Woodford (B.S., Mathematics, 2012; Single Subject Credential, Mathematics, 2014) assisted with the students' projects and shared his experiences using project-based learning to teach high school math.

Elsa Medina and Todd Grundmeier led two summer workshops for 50 Noyce scholars from the western U.S. Summer 2015 was the eighth Cal Poly summer workshop for Noyce scholars and focused on functions. Activities were developed around “Putting Essential Understanding of Functions into Practice” published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and “Using Research to Improve Instruction: 2014,” also published by NCTM. During the workshop, participants engaged in problem-solving activities and discussions and attended scholarly presentations.

In June, Tony Samuel, Erin Pearse and John Rock from Cal Poly Pomona will host an international group of mathematicians will gather to teach and lecture on fractal geometry and complex dimensions. The conference will emphasize student participation. On the first day, students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of fractal geometry — noninteger dimension, self-similarity, etc. There will also be three mini-courses taught throughout the summer school and a variety of more specialized talks, discussions and open problem sessions. For more information, visit the conference website.

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