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Publications and Grants: Cal Poly Math Makes Its Mark


Photo caption: Dr. Joyce Lin (right) was among the faculty who received grant awards. Lin is pictured here with student Sarah Ellwein at the Cal Poly Math Symposium.


Brussel E. (2022) Hasse invariant for the tame Brauer group of a higher local fieldTransactions of the American Mathematical Society, Series B, 9, 258–287.


Dimitrova E.S., Stigler B., Kadelka C., Murrugarra D. (2022) Revealing the canalizing structure of Boolean functions: Algorithms and applications. Automatica, 146, 110630.


Dimitrova, E.S., Hu, J., Liang, Q., Stigler, B., Zhang, A. (2022) Algebraic model selection and experimental design in biological data science. Advances in Applied Mathematics, 133, 102282.


Futer, D., Hamilton, E., Hoffman, N. (2022) Infinitely many virtual geometric triangulations. Journal of Topology, 15(4), 2352-2388. 


Zhu, W., Khademi, W., Charalampidis, E.G., Kevrekidis, P.G. (2022) Neural networks enforcing physical symmetries in nonlinear dynamical lattices: The case example of the Ablowitz-Ladik model. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 434, 133264.

Mithun, T., Carretero-González R., Charalampidis, E.G., Hall, D.S., Kevrekidis P.G. (2022)

Existence, stability and dynamics of monopole and Alice ring solutions in antiferromagnetic spinor condensates. Physical Review A, 105, 053303.

Jon Chapman, S., Kavousanakis, M., Charalampidis, E.G., Kevrekidis, I.G., Kevrekidis, P.G.
(2022) A spectral analysis of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the co-exploding frame.
Physica D, 439, 133396.


Stathis Charalampidis received the National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Grant: Collapse, Rogue Waves and their Applications: From Theory to Computation and Beyond”, amount: $142,798, September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2025


Elena Dimitrova, Joyce Lin, and Paul Anderson (Cal Poly Computer Science Department) received the Data Science Strategic Research Initiative Incubation grant, funded by Cal poly. Amount: $19,603.50, January-June 2022.


Joyce Lin and Elena Dimitrova received a Frost Teacher-Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow Award for 2022-2024.


Elsa Medina, along with Roy, S., Chance, B., and McGaughey, K. received an NSF grant: “Integrating the statistical investigation process, data visualization, and simulation into high school statistics” Amount: ($449,984). June 2022. 

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