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Letter from the Chair - 2018

Joseph Borzellino

This year the department began to realize the benefits of the $110 million donation from Bill and Linda Frost to the College of Science and Mathematics. We supported travel to conferences for a record number of undergraduate students, and we can now offer students research stipends during the academic year in addition to the summer. 

We’ve also made undergraduate research colloquia a regular part of our colloquium series. These opportunities have generated so much interest in student-faculty research that I believe we will soon offer such exceptional experiences as a regular part of our undergraduate mathematics program.

Melissa Sunata joined the department as our new administrative assistant during fall quarter, and Kristina Wong took over the administrative coordinator role held previously by Cami Reece, who retired in December. Faculty members Goro Kato and Todor Todorov have also announced their retirements at the end of this academic year. We wish them the best in enjoying the good life.

I’d like to once again thank those who have supported us through donations and gifts. We are grateful for the critical support you provide through your generosity. Your continued interest in helping the department meet its goals is very much appreciated by our students, faculty and staff.

I’ll close on a personal note. This year I began a new role as director of enrollment management. I’ve enjoyed working with a universitywide team to find creative solutions to the challenges surrounding enrollment management. Because my time commitment in this area will increase next year, I will be stepping down as department chair, and Ben Richert will take the helm in winter 2019. 

It has been an honor and pleasure to lead the department for the last six years. I genuinely believe that we have one of the best and most highly respected departments on campus. I have great faith the department will continue to meet current challenges while realizing its aspirations for the future.

Please keep in touch and let us know what you’ve been up to. If you’re on campus, we’d love to see you at the department office.

Joseph Borzellino

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