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Thank You to Our Donors 2016-17

Thank you to all the corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals who donated to the Mathematics Department. Private support enables our department to continue to provide exceptional Learn by Doing opportunities for today’s students.

Honor Roll of Corporations, Foundations and Organizations

The Mathematics Department is grateful to the following corporations, foundations and organizations who made gifts for general and special purposes and for matching gifts.

eBay Inc
Fidelity Investments
IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Marin Community Foundation
Mark IV Capital Inc.
Network for Good
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Raytheon Company
Santa Barbara Foundation
The Boeing Company
Towns Tax Service

Honor Roll of Individuals

The Mathematics Department wishes to thank the following individuals for their contributions and support.

$5,000 and Above

Donald B. Gibson
Marjorie L. Hanks and Charles J.* Hanks
Claire H. Russell


Robert P. Balles
Alexis D. and Tyler M. Barry
Jacqueline Wyland and Stephen J. Corcoran
Donald and Diane Jackson
Thomas M. and Christy L. Jarrett
Paul F. and Barbara J. Murphy
John K. and Leslie A. Stump


Megan J. Evans
Leah J. Griffith
James E. Harris and Anna C. Fraker
Myron and Sue Hood
Thomas E. Norwood
Sharon D. Raney


Jay A. Austin and Elizabeth C. Austin-Minor
Gary A. Gale
Henry T. and Theresa L. Liu
Barbara M. Martinelli
Craig J. and Leslie V. Nelson
Charles A. Pasquini
Adrian and Joan Pell
Cami A. and Terry R. Reece
Ann E. Segesman
Laurice Sommers


Anonymous Donor
Frank A. Blesi and Susan L. Marietta
Eric W. Burdick
Michael F. and Nancy K. Chase
Henry K. Chiang
Yun-Hwa T. Chiang
Karen S. Chiarucci
Douglas N. Cummings
Doren E. Curtiss
James S. DeGracie
Dale R. Durran and Janice K. Tervonen
David M. and Molly P. Evans
Nancy E. Fetterman
Margaret T. and Jon W. Fullinwider
Walter C. and Dorothy Hailey
Lawrence E. Hogan
Jody Ann S. and John W. Jacobs
Edward C. and Awilda B. Jarrett
Esther L. Koopman
Robbin G. and Ann P. Leigh
Marilee Mahoney-Statom and Kevin M. Statom
Joan M. Melling

Douglas R. and Karen B. Morgan
Charles N. and Karli A. Morris
Ellen M. and Richard C. Nelson
Richard B. and Camilla Pember
Robert M. Reinsch
Florence L. and Richard D. Shahbazian
Julie T. and James E. Stallman
Andrew B. and Emily A. Steen
Phyllis L. Swanson
Charlie Town
Jennifer A. Treadway
Julie M. Turney
David G. Vandermolen
Sidney R. Wong
Brian C. and Nancy E. Wright

$99 and Below

Angela C. and David P. Alhadeff
Romelia J. Alvarez
Jean S. Ammann
June Aoki Trachsel
Raymond C. Austin
Richard S. Bilheimer and Sarah M. Minahan
George W. Brown
Gaylen M. and George F. Clark
Janet R. and Jeffrey H. Cohen
Russell W. and Cathie L. Coover
Richard Dievendorff
James B. Duff
Hugh G. and Susan A. Eccles
Michal W. and Rebecca A. Fouquette
Stephen C. and Gail E. Hennagin
Ruth E. Huehn
Emiko A. and Wayne K. Jasper
Sue Ann B. Joy
Gerald D. and Glenda R. Katt
Kerry J. King
Cheryl K. Kough
Marta L. Lansing
David S. and Judi I. Licata
Gary F. Miklos
Kim M. and Tom Modugno
Stuart and June L. Moy
Denise C. Olds
Ronald K. Peet
Karen S. and Eric Peterson
Gregory A. Ripa and John H. Vu
Rolf R. and Lisa Schumann
Grant T. Shimada
Sean E. Spradley
Hayley C. Stevens
Leticia S. Tucker
Kenneth J. Vodicka
Steve P. and Debra L. Whitwill
Matthew W. Williams
Benjamin S. Woodford


Every effort has been made to list our donors correctly. If there is an error, please bring it to our attention immediately. We apologize in advance if there is an omission.



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