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Alumna Appointed Princeton Post-Doctoral Fellow

Casey Kelleher (B.S., M.S., Mathematics, 2012) will graduate from the doctoral program at UC Irvine in June. She is advised by Richard Schoen, and her research area is geometric analysis with a focus on the Yang-Mills and harmonic map heat flows. Kelleher has been awarded a four-year appointment as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University beginning September 2017. She will be partially funded by an National Science Foundation fellowship, and Gang Tian will be her mentor.

Kelleher wasn’t originally planning to study mathematics but switched into the major with the encouragement of her mentors Linda Patton and Matthew White. Kelleher says Cal Poly’s faculty and staff went above and beyond in supporting her and fostering her enthusiasm for math through multiple independent studies with Linda Patton, Matt White, Vincent Bonini, Morgan Sherman and Robert Easton; a research project with Charles Camp; dedicated teaching in her courses; and countless one-on-one conversations.

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